Our main task is to develop products that are responding to the needs of the LED market.

This huge market is in constant evolution. Consumers are rapidly inform all the new development that occurs in this market.

In today’s world, where there is no barrier, every enterprise becomes the center of the world, it up to us to find the right services expected by the consumers, where ever they are located.

LED are being accepted more and more every day, the revolution created by the LED’s as the alternative to replace conventional lighting is on its way. Applications in the ambience lighting and on the more demanding situations is the new reality. Price and flexibility are the main issues in this market.

LVC offers linear LED supports for LED strips and modules along with their accessories. Our mission consists to offer the best relation of quality/price/service, through an exclusive international network of distributors in Canada, the USA and in Europe. Our products are made in Canada and the USA.

We are always on the lookout for distributors who are consumers conscientious. Don’t be shy, communicate with us to find more about us and possibly we could do business together.

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LVC Connectors Inc. has been founded in 2010. We are 3 shareholders, Daniel Larocque, Liliane Portelance and Marc-Hugo Dupre.

LVC is present in 2 different markets, in the signs market where we offer TRUE-KONEK, a device used to protect class2 wires when they have to go through a structure and with LVC Extrusions where we are offering a full range of aluminum or polymeric extrusions for LED’s and their accessories.

Our products are sold internationally through a network of specialized distributors.

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